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Custom RF over Fibre Systems

Software Defined Radio Systems

Antenna Design and Manufacture

RF Filters and Signal Conditioning

CEMA Integration

PPM Systems – Any Signal, Anywhere

PPM Systems specialises in: RF over fibre systems (SIGINT and COMINT), antennas and stacked antenna systems, software-defined radio, RF filtering and conditioning, EM spectrum and decoding receivers, and IED/ECM defeat systems. Predominately working with the Government and Military/Defence sectors, PPM can design and supply a complete customised system meeting specific requirements.

CEMA Integration

Actively involved in seeding, developing and maturing open standards for connecting the future ecosystem, PPM Systems works with CEMA, C4 and ISR system integrators to deliver future-proof solutions. Systems developed under the new suite of standards can quickly and easily be upgraded throughout their service life and offer a streamlined, efficient solution to current challenges.

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