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Satcom Antenna Feeds

Satcom Antenna Feeds

First introduced to the satellite communications industry in 1982, the ARA dual and triple band antenna feeds are now the accepted standard. These feeds simultaneously access all down-link signals from hybrid satellites. ARA’s multiband feeds have been used on thousands of commercial and consumer TVRO antennas, for many years, attesting to the reliability and efficiency of the patented designs. In addition, there is now a wide range of highly efficient scalar feeds available to meet all requirements – from low-cost TVRO Satellite Earth stations to highly complex and sophisticated feed systems.

The feeds are designed to achieve up to 70% aperature efficency

Prime Focus & Off-Set Feeds

Used with single reflector geometrics, where the feeds are optimised to match the reflector’s focal length and diameter ratio, as well as the primary pattern edge taper of the feed.

Cassegrain & Gregorian Feeds

Used in dual reflector antenna systems to achieve high efficiency, low antenna noise temperature and good cross-polarisation.


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Popular Feed Solutions

ESR-124D-2Dual C/Dual Ku Band feed for RX ONLY
ESA-46C1/1.06TX/RX CP C-Band feed, low axial ratio
ESR-1214-HXPOLHigh Cross Pol TX/RX Ku Feed
ESR-1130Motorised Dual Ku/Dual Ka TX/RX feed
ESR-44Motorised Dual Linear C-Band
ESA-22C/NDual CP S-Band feed (1.5 - 2.5 GHz)
ESA-2030CTX/RX CP Ka Band feed

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