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Military Satcom, Jamming and RADAR

Military Satcom, Jamming and RADAR


PPM Systems supplies antennas for a range of defence applications.
Electronic Warfare – Jamming

Electronic Warfare - military truck driving through sandy terrainPPM Systems supplies high performance, ruggedized RF jamming antenna systems for the military and security industry. These antennas have been successfully deployed throughout the world, providing excellent gain and RF threat spatial coverage.

  • Bandwidths of 20 MHz to over 6 GHz
  • Minimal mounting space
  • Vehicular, manpack and fixed site applications.

Both omni-jamming and high-gain jamming antennas can handle the high RF power required for mission success in harsh environments.


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Military Communication

Multi-band military communication antennas supplied by PPM have been used for well established programs such as SINCGARS, EPLRS, JTRS, and WIN-T. As part of PPM’s system capability, filters, LNAs and other RF components can be integrated rugged antennas for custom communication systems.

  • VHF, UHF, and L/S/C single and multiband antennas
  • Military communication antennas for UAV applications


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Military Satcom

PPM Systems supplies antennas manufactured by USA company Antenna Research Associates (ARA). Suitable for any military satcom application antennas range from large, ultra-high-gain systems right down to pistol grip and lightweight “coat pocket” designs with tripods and other mounting systems.  These antennas are designed to be durable for harsh environments.

  • Ruggedised vehicular antennas
  • UHF satcom tactical antennas
  • High gain and medium gain foldable antennas
  • Military GPS applications


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Commercial Satcom and Radar Antennas
  • Commercial Satcom dishMarine RADAR and Perimeter Surveillance Antennas covering S-band and X-Band frequency ranges.
  • Monopulse tracking antennas is available in reflector antennas for RADAR, RCS measurement, telemetry etc
  • Box Horn Arrays for high power RADAR applications when small size is important.

PPM Systems also supplies weather RADAR antenna systems operating in C-band, X-band, S-band, Ku-band, and Ka-band which meet RADAR suppliers most stringent requirements.


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A range of positioning systems are available for military and civilian ground-based, shipboard and airborne applications. It is possible to integrate these with antenna- and RF systems.


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Prime Focus & Off-Set Feeds: Used with single reflector geometrics, where the feeds are optimised to match the reflector’s focal length and diameter ratio, as well as the primary pattern edge taper of the feed.

Cassegrain & Gregorian Feeds: Used in dual reflector antenna systems to achieve high efficency, low antenna noise temperature and good cross-polarisation.


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