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Positioners and Masts

Positioners and Masts

A range of positioning systems are available for military and civilian ground-based, shipboard and airborne applications. It is possible to integrate these with antenna and RF systems.

These positioner systems include an antenna positioner, Antenna Control Unit (ACU) and cables allowing the positioner to be controlled and monitored indoors. The positioners can operate in Azimuth or Azimuth and Elevation axis. They have high load capacity and are designed to withstand extreme terrain and weather conditions.

A range of antenna masts are also available, including tubular, telescopic and winch-driven models. The range goes up to 18 m, supporting top loads of up to 35 kg.

PPM Systems can design and manufacture antennas to meet specific requirements. To discuss bespoke antenna design, please contact us.


Positioner Systems Datasheet

LPA-1522 antenna atop an 1-axis ARP-600 positioner.

Elevating a VHF disc-cone antenna with a Trival mast.

1-Axis Positioners
ARP-90L positionerProductARP-90L
Continuous Torque-Azimuth14 Nm
Continuous Torque-ElevationN/A
Velocity-Azimuth1 - 20°/sec
ARP-90 (Rotator)ProductARP-90
Continuous Torque-Azimuth16 Nm
Continuous Torque-ElevationN/A
Velocity-Azimuth1 - 10°/sec
ARP-30-200R positionerProductARP-30-200R
Continuous Torque-Azimuth40 Nm
Continuous Torque-ElevationN/A
Velocity-Azimuth132 to 1200°/s
PPM systems logoProductARP-250
Continuous Torque-Azimuth271 Nm
Continuous Torque-ElevationN/A
Velocity-Azimuth1 to 120°/s
ARP-50 (Rotator)ProductARP-50
Continuous Torque-Azimuth271 Nm
Continuous Torque-ElevationN/A
Velocity-Azimuth0.2 - 10°/sec @ 24 VDC
0.2 - 20°/sec @ 48 VDC
ARP-600 positionerProductARP-600
Continuous Torque-Azimuth2238 Nm
Continuous Torque-ElevationN/A
Velocity-Azimuth1 to 60°/s
2-Axis Positioners
AEC-60 positionerProductAEC-60D
Continuous Torque-Azimuth170 Nm
Continuous Torque-Elevation170 Nm
Velocity-Azimuth0.5 - 40°/sec
Velocity-Elevation0.5 - 40°/sec
EAR-125 positionerProductEAR-125
Continuous Torque-Azimuth271 Nm
Continuous Torque-Elevation475 Nm
Velocity-Azimuth1 - 360°/sec
Velocity-Elevation1 - 60°/sec
AEP-300 positionerProductAEP-300
Continuous Torque-Azimuth475 Nm
Continuous Torque-Elevation1627 Nm
Velocity-Azimuth1 - 20°/sec
Velocity-Elevation1 - 10°/sec
PPM systems logoProductEAR-250-SYS
Continuous Torque-Azimuth475 Nm
Continuous Torque-Elevation440 Nm
Velocity-Azimuth1 - 60°/sec
Velocity-Elevation1 - 40°/sec
Heavy Duty 2-Axis Positioners
EAR-600B antennaProductEAR-600C
Continuous Torque-Azimuth2170 Nm
Continuous Torque-Elevation2170 Nm
Velocity-Azimuth1 - 60°/s
Velocity-Elevation1 - 60°/s
Continuous Torque-Azimuth6100 Nm
Continuous Torque-Elevation4880 Nm
Velocity-Azimuth1 - 27°/s
Velocity-Elevation1 - 21°/s
PPM systems logoProductEAR-1200
Continuous Torque-Azimuth3118 Nm
Continuous Torque-Elevation3118 Nm
Velocity-Azimuth1 - 36°/s
Velocity-Elevation1 - 15°/s
EAP-1600 positionerProductEAR-1600
Continuous Torque-Azimuth20337 Nm
Continuous Torque-Elevation20337 Nm
Velocity-Azimuth0.02 - 30°/s
Velocity-Elevation0.02 - 30°/s
Antenna Masts
ST Light Sectionalised Tubular Antenna MastProductST Antenna Masts
Height5.4 - 12.4 m
Max. Top Load10 - 15 kg
ST-R Foldable Antenna MastProductST-R Antenna Masts
Height6 m
Max. Vertical Top Load6 kg
STM Manpack Antenna MastsProductSTM Antenna Masts
Height3 - 8 m
Max. Top Load4 - 8 kg
STV Winch Driven Telescopic Antenna MastProductSTV Antenna Masts
Height4 - 18 m
Max. Top Load20 - 35 kg
STV-EW Electric Motorised Winch DriveProductSTV-EW Electric Winch
Lifting speed (under load, average)Approx. 1 minute for 18 m mast
Supply Voltage24 VDC (min. 20 V - max. 32 V)
STV-G Winch Driven Telescopic Antenna MastProductSTV-G Antenna Masts
Height4 - 5 m
Max. Vertical Top Load10 kg

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