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Custom fibre optic and RF systems

Custom fibre optic and RF systems

GPS/GNSS RF over Fibre Links

Many military and Government mission-critical components require an accurate timing signal and this is usually produced by GPS/GNSS. Where equipment needing a timing signal isn’t near a clear sky location or no copper is allowed into the facility, RF over fibre is required for the timing connection. ViaLite GPS fibre optic links can be used in secure buildings / sensitive compartmented information facilities (SCIF) and allow for timing distribution and accurate synchronisation using GPS-derived timing signals. The links are a reliable method for transporting GPS signals from antennas to receivers/re-radiators, and provide a simple solution for signal distribution over long distances and to inaccessible locations. The links also allow for single antenna signals to be distributed to multiple receive areas.


  • Transmits all common GPS, GALILEO and GLONASS bands
  • L1 and L2 GPS frequencies
  • Link operation 1 m to 50 km
  • >50 km systems also available
  • GPS antenna powering and monitoring
  • Time server load input/spoofing
  • Simple plug and play
  • Point to multipoint
  • ViaLite 5-year warranty

For commercial applications, please visit ViaLite.com.

ViaLite Timing Link range

Other ViaLite RF over fibre timing links are available.

  • Radio timing signals:
    • DCF, MSF signals
  • IRIG-B
  • Loran-C & eLoran
  • 10kHz – 50MHz signals
  • 1PPS (via serial digital link)
  • MiFID II standard

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Ultra-wide dynamic range

The ViaLite GPS link has been designed with very low noise and a lower minimum signal level – allowing for very low level signals to be transported from the antenna.



For situations where redundancy is required – for maximum signal uptime and integrity – the GPS is available in single or dual redundant configuration.


Alarm / antenna spoofing

All ViaLiteHD GPS products come with alarm and antenna spoofing as standard. This allows the GPS antenna to be sensed by the RF over fibre transmitter and – if the antenna fails – the transmitter switches off its laser, forcing a fault condition at the receiver end. This allows the user to know there is a fault in the system. In addition, the receiver supplies the resistive load needed by time servers to spoof a copper connection to the antenna. If there is a fault seen at the receiver, it will switch off this load causing a fault condition in the time server – again, allowing the user to know there is a fault in the system.


Point to Multipoint

With increased congestion on roof space and increased costs for locating antennas on roof spaces, further to advances in distance and splitting techniques, it is now possible to have single antennas split multiple ways to different buildings or to multiple floors in a single building.



The ViaLite ODE-A and Satcom6 units are popular outdoor enclosures for the GPS link.

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