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fotonX Optical Routing Solution

fotonX Optical Routing Solution

fotonX Optical Routing Solution

Optical Routing and Stacking

fotonX (ARx-Kx family) is PPM’s range of modular optical routing solutions used for a variety of applications, from large static satellite communication data centres to compact mobile platforms. The ARx-Kx family of products replaces the more conventional RF matrix solution with a distributed optical network of components; avoiding the loss, cross-talk, gain slope and delay issues that beset centralised matrices.

  • Optical spectrum stacking
  • Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) modular solution
  • Lossless optical routing
  • Digital and analogue signal co-existence
  • Fan-in and fan-out
  • Scalable after installation


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AR4-K Optical Hub
The AR4-K is a reconfigurable distribution node which is bandwidth and technology agnostic, allowing the user to dynamically select and combine any of the signal channels regardless of the type of traffic. While other solutions require a specific L-Band matrix or IF matrix to cover specialist bandwidths, the fotonX solution is inherently compatible with multiple frequency ranges from 2 kHz to 40 GHz.


  • True super non-blocking interconnects
  • High route isolation
  • High port count
  • Frequency combining
  • Secure one-way diode routing
  • Compatible with long distance systems.
AR4-K2 foton-x optical hub


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