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RF Signal Generators

RF Signal Generators

RF Signal Generators

RF Signal Generators are used to test radio systems, receivers, production lines, chips, MRC and MIMO. GNSS simulation is also a relevant field in signal generation.

PPM Systems offers a range of IZT signal generators for testing receivers and COMINT/SIGINT systems, as well as for environment simulation and training operators.

S1000 and S1010 Signal Generators

IZT S1000 productIZT S1000 and IZT S1010 (model with extended memory) are multi-channel signal generators for the testing of I/Q data, Sirius, XM, HD Radio, AM, FM, DAB/+, DVB-T and DRM/+ radio receivers in COMINT and SIGINT systems, for RF environment simulation and operator training, in the car industry and multimedia equipment. The signal generators include:

  • 31 Virtual Signal Generators
  • Two independent phase synchronous RF outputs
  • Real-time impairment simulation
  • Universal ARB function
  • 50 MSps real-time streaming
  • Easy-to-use compact setup.

The IZT S1000 signal generator platform enables the user to consolidate multiple conventional RF generators into one compact, cost effective, flexible and easy-to-use RF test source.

Revolutionary architecture and a signal processing algorithm combine multiple technologies into a single piece of test equipment. With multiple technologies, modulations and frequencies combined in a single receiver, the IZT S1000 can match the receiver test requirements without the need for multiple standard RF generators.

Users can create versatile RF environments for rapid testing and validation of radio systems.

The IZT S1010 is a model variation comprising its full functionality with extended additional memory for the most demanding applications.


Application Notes

Testing eCall Systems with IZT S1000 and S1010 IZT S1000 Maximum Ratio Combining Testing DAB Receivers Using ETI thumbnail


S1000 and S1010 datasheet
COMINT Simulator

IZT COMINT SimulatorThe IZT COMINT Simulator is a real-time RF environment simulation system ideal for testing complex COMINT & Direction Finding (DF) Systems. This system provides the possibility to test high-resolution stationary and mobile direction finding receivers to determine their accuracy and whether they can correctly detect and interpret all types of radio signals.

  • Simulating time variant, complex and realistic RF signals
  • Store and replay artificial and real world signals
  • Covering the bandwidth of 20 MHz to 3 GHz
  • Flexible and scalable system.

The IZT COMINT Simulator is the perfect instrument to develop modern digital wideband sensors, direction finders and jammers. It can also be used to train operators of COMINT systems in the correct use of their equipment and for mission planning purposes.


COMINT Simulator datasheet


S5000 Multichannel Signal Source

IZT S5000
The IZT S5000 is a multichannel signal source. It can be efficiently applied whenever multiple and accurately synchronised RF test signals are required. If multi-standard receivers are to be tested, the IZT S5000 is a very cost efficient way to generate all required test signals for environment simulation from a single source. It provides:

  • Multi-Standard Test Source
  • RF Signal Player
  • COMINT Stimulator
  • 120 MHz Bandwidth
  • Up to fourteen synchronous outputs
  • Hundreds of emitters.

The IZT S5000 is perfect for environment simulation. It simulates a realistic radio frequency spectrum with many simultaneous signals, large bandwidth, time variant test scenarios and real content. It uses powerful signal processing and is capable of generating hundreds of signals with a variable bandwidth from 16 kHz up to 16 MHz per signal. The signals are processed in real time. A stream can be fed by RAM (high data speed) and by hard disc.

The S5000 supports the testing of a Direction Finder (DF) by supplying signals at multiple outputs. Timing, amplitude and phase offsets for each signal are user defined and individual. Local control is supported by the accompanying GUI. From remote, the IZT S5000 can be controlled via the built in LAN interface.


S5000 datasheet


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