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Multi-domain RFoF for Defence Open Standards

PPM Systems is leading the way in defining open standards for applying RF over fibre (RFoF) to the next generation of defence procurement. The team’s passion for collaboration means the solutions PPM develops take advantage of best-of-breed technologies, ensuring in-service equipment in land, air, sea, space and cyber domains remain forever green.

PPM Systems’ approach involves:
  • Seeding, maturing and applying open standards, including MORA, Open VPX and JICD 4.2 (CS)
  • Integration of open standards into the CEMA environment by engaging commercial, technical and user communities
  • Blending core competencies with other system integrators in collaborative teams
  • Developing with future extensibility in mind, allowing maximum value to be extracted from systems as they are upgraded through their service life.
Introducing CEMA
Future systems that support Cyber & Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA) must address challenges of integrating information with physical action to achieve their intended outcomes. Coordinating all aspects of future CEMA operations will remain problematic as the development of information technologies, and the ubiquity of their application, continues to accelerate.

Future equipment delivery programmes that develop open standards for CEMA integration must support the freedom to apply operational advantage through synchronising and coordinating electromagnetic activities. It is well understood that using stove-piped solutions to go toe-to-toe against the might of commercial investment in information technologies is an unsustainable approach, so the development of open standards that support systems integration is essential to deliver against the CEMA vision.

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Why use Open Architectures?
The historic approach to delivering RF mission systems for C4ISR and Electronic Warfare (EW) saw the development of monolithic ‘stove-piped’ equipment. These systems responded to immediate RF mission needs, but without prioritising the integration between standalone systems. This has left a patchwork of hard-earned system interoperability, rather than creating a planned and optimised homogenous base to build future capabilities upon.

Current joint doctrine notes a move away from military services conducting CEMA independently, advocating for more coordinated joint force activities. This white paper describes the benefits of moving to an open standards based approach to RF system architectures as a solution to the present day challenge of disintegrated and stove-piped equipment.


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System Integrator Ecosystem
Benefits of Applying Open Architectures
Private investment in the telecommunications industry has put defence communications equipment programmes under increasing pressure. Unable to spend enough to keep up with external technology development, the only realistic approach is to leverage commercial off-the shelf (COTS) items through the application of open interface standards.

PPM Systems integrated COTS modules, through the application of standard communications protocols and a generic vehicle architecture (GVA) GUI, to create the ‘Crossbow’ signal analysis system.


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Crossbow multi-role software defined radio scanning/decoding system
Flexible CEMA, C4 and ISR Solutions

Flexible CEMA, C4 and ISR RF over fibre solutions from PPM Systems are connecting the technology of today with the capabilities of tomorrow. All types, modulations and classifications of signal can be carried on a single, compact RF over fibre cable – saving you space and improving efficiency.

Find out how PPM Systems is applying open standards to this technology agnostic solution to simultaneously ready your systems for the future and ease your current Vehicle Integration Kit (VIK) challenges.


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MORA system diagram showing signal analysis and optical routing

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