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RF Switches

Pin Diode Switches

RF Switches

PPM Systems offers a range of RF switches and switch matrices with broad frequency ranges up to 40 GHz. Which switch to choose comes down to determining the properties most important for the application and acceptable trade-offs, whether it’s switching speed, insertion loss, or useful lifetime.

Applications include:

  • Communications systems
  • Test equipment
  • Filter selectors
  • Antenna selectors.


Choosing High Power RF Switches


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Pin Diode Switches
The RF switches are controlled by pin diodes that cover a frequency range of 20 MHz to 18 GHz. They are available as both reflective or non-reflective styles.


  • Frequencies to 40 GHz
  • TTL Compatible at +/- 5 VDC
  • Power to 1 Watt CW
  • Switching speeds of 20 ns
Pin Diode Switch

Product Range*Frequency RangeInsertion Loss (dB max)VSWR (max)Isolation (dB min)SWSP (nsec) (max)RF Power (WCW) (max)Package
SPST0.02 GHz - 18 GHz0.8 - 3.21.5 - 2.255 - 8050 - 2000.5 - 1.0W101,W102
SPDT0.02 GHz - 18 GHz1.0 - 3.21.5 - 2.260 - 8050 - 2000.5 - 1.0W201,W202
SP3T0.02 GHz - 18 GHz1.4 - 3.31.5 - 2.260 - 8050 - 2000.5 - 1.0W301,W302
SP4T0.02 GHz - 18 GHz1.2 - 3.51.5 - 2.260 - 8050 - 2000.5 - 1.0W401,W402
SP5T0.02 GHz - 18 GHz1.3 - 3.61.5 - 2.260 - 8050 - 2000.5 - 1.0W501,W502
SP6T0.02 GHz - 18 GHz1.4 - 3.81.5 - 2.260 - 8050 - 2000.5 - 1.0W602,W603
SP7T0.02 GHz - 18 GHz1.4 - 4.21.5 - 2.260 - 8050 - 2000.5 - 1.0W702,W703
SP8T0.02 GHz - 18 GHz1.4 - 3.71.5 - 2.260 - 8050 - 2000.5 - 1.0W802
*Click the product name to view the datasheet

High Power Switches
​High-power RF applications can be served by a variety of switches, and the specifics of the applications will determine which switch is the best choice. These switches feature peak power handling up to 5 kW. Frequency can range from 12 MHz to 18 GHz with switching speeds less than 250 ns, customisable switching ports, and TTL control.


Choosing High Power RF Switches
High Power Switch SPDT


DescriptionSingle pole double throw hermetically sealed reflective switch
Frequency Range1 - 1.1 GHz
DescriptionHigh power transmit/receive switch operating from 1 GHz to 1.1 GHz
Frequency Range1 - 1.1 GHz
Remote Controllable Switch
The DCR-8 is an eight port RF Switch remotely controllable via USB or Ethernet. The standard broadband switch has an operating frequency of 20 MHz to 18 GHz with an insertion loss of only 4 dB. It also offers excellent port-to-port isolation of minimum 80 dB. The DCR-8 can be custom designed for customer specific bandwidths and switching port applications.


DCR-8 Datasheet
RF Switch Remote Controllable
Mechanical Switch
  • Frequency Range: DC to 500 MHz
  • Input Power: 200 W CW Max. @ 75ºC
  • Insertion Loss DC-4 GHz: 0.1 dB max
  • Insertion Loss 4-12.4 GHz: 0.2 dB max
  • Insertion Loss 12.4-18.0 GHz: 0.3 dB max


Mechanical Switch Datasheet
Mechanical RF Switch
Safe-Guard Switch
The Safe-Guard RF protection switch is designed to attenuate the RF transmit signals up to 12 dB or to a reduced power level of 6.3% of the original power. When flammable gases and vapors are present, transmitting at full power greatly increases the likelihood of an explosion. By turning off the DC power to the Safe-Guard RF Switch, the transmit power defaults to the reduced level to maintain minimal communications with the affected site.


Safe-Guard Datasheet
RF Switch Safe-Guard
RF Switch Matrices
The RF Switch Matrices have been designed for production testing, lab environments and general switching applications to direct the signals from antennas, signal generators, spectrum analysers, network analysers, power meters, modulators and into or out of test products. They are offered in Blocking, Non-Blocking, and Super Non-Blocking configurations, as well as N x N configurations up to 40 GHz and high power applications.


RF Switch Matrix Selection
RF Switch Matrix


RF Switch MatrixProductRFMS-4X256-B
DescriptionA blocking matrix allowing 4 RF common ports to be routed to any of 256 RF Ports with fully Bi-Directional RF signal flow.
Frequency Range900 - 2500 MHz
8x8 non-blocking switch matrixProductRFMS8X8-1-18GNB
Description8x8 Switch consisting of 8 through channels with the ability to switch any one input channel to any output channel.
Frequency Range1 GHz – 18 GHz
Corry 1x256 Blocking RF Switch MatrixProductRFMS-1x256-B
Description1×256 Blocking RF Switch Matrix, for test and measurement of multiple RF components. Provides automatic routing and signal conditioning between test equipment and the UUT.
Frequency RangeDC - 18 GHz

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