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Custom fibre optic and RF systems

Custom fibre optic and RF systems

Custom fibre optic and RF systems

Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) RF over Fibre Links

The ViaLite Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) RF over fiber link is available for Military and Government applications. The links’ spurious-free superior dynamic range allows small signals to be intercepted alongside large signals, as well as the interception of the entire frequency spectrum of the product’s band.

  • L-Band HTS – HWDR, VLF/HF, UHF/VHF, L-Band HTS, C-Band
  • Receive-only for SIGINT
  • Low-noise
  • Hyper-wide dynamic range
  • For Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Electronics Intelligence (ELINT)
  • Long Distance DWDM Link System available (not available in Blue OEM or Blue2 format)
  • Available in chassis and OEM module format
  • LNB/LNA powering options
  • ViaLite 5-year product warranty

The L-Band HTS – HWDR link has hyper-wide dynamic range (114 db/Hz) and also allows multiple channels to be sent down a single fibre. Long distances allow for the distant and discrete location of antennas up to 600 km.

You may also be interested in the Military Satcom transmit and receive links – please contact us for details.

For commercial applications, please go to ViaLite.com.

Discrete Outdoor Enclosures

ViaLite outdoor enclosures are available in a discrete unmarked design to house SIGINT links. They can be coloured to match the surrounding environment if needed. The largest enclosure, the ODE-D, can hold up to 214 links and is available with air conditioning (ODE-D+). All enclosures are available with heaters for cold environments. Customisable enclosures are available to house customer equipment.


Using ViaLite RF over fibre for Government and Defence

PPM Systems helps government, defence clients enhance their data security and operational integrity through the deployment of ViaLite RF over fibre transmission equipment. The use of optical fibre provides added benefits in securing information-gathering centres against lightning and EMP strikes, as well as preventing attempts to eavesdrop or corrupt critical operational/sensitive data.

  • Enhanced data security
  • Signal integrity
  • Reliable and secure data transmission
  • Efficient incident management
  • Enhanced personnel safety
  • Integrates into command, control, comms, computer and intelligence systems


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