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Steered Array Antennas

Steered Array Antennas

PPM Systems can offer Active Electronically Steered Arrays (AESA) for fixed site, vehicular and airborne applications. Through our exclusive distributor arrangement with JEM engineering we can offer patented, proprietary and SBIR technologies. These arrays offer many features not available with other arrays, including:

  • Ultra‐wideband – up to 4:1 frequency range of operation
  • 1‐D or 2‐D (azimuth and elevation) beam steering, up to ±60°
  • True‐time‐delay beam steering – maintains beam pointing angle over multioctave bandwidth
  • Linear or circular polarisation, including dual‐polarised arrays with switched or simultaneous outputs
  • Receive‐only or Transmit/Receive arrays, with or without integrated T/R modules
  • Half‐duplex and full‐duplex Transmit/Receive arrays
  • Single‐beam or multiple simultaneous beams
  • Optional array tapering for low sidelobe levels
  • Optional temporal/spatial null forming/steering
  • Environmental qualification programs for airborne and vehicular applications
  • Integrated radome designs for conformal airborne application
  • Control software – capable of multiple arrays and data bus types including avionic
  • Electro-Mechanical Beam Steering – for high-power beamforming.




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