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Custom fibre optic and RF systems

Custom fibre optic and RF systems

Fibre optic and RF systems

PPM Systems provides a rapid prototype, evaluation and short run production capability combined with a technical partnership with the customer – COTS, MOTS and fully custom solutions for military and defence customers.

Carrying RF signals over fibre has many advantages including:

  • Wide bandwidth
  • Path length to 30km
  • INFOSEC & Tempest compliant. (no emissions/immunity issues)
  • EMC & EMP resilient
  • Light-weight and man portable.

Typical applications of RF over Fibre include VLF/HF through VHF/UHF to satellite band transmissions.  Radio-over-fibre range from PPM Systems is widely deployed in defence scenarios such as:

  • Surveillance & signal intelligence (SigInt)
  • Tactical radio links (VLF, HF, VHF, UHF, GSM, Tetra, P25)
  • IED detection & force protection
  • VSAT / satellite communications
  • Sonar & communication buoys
  • Secure network data centres (MSF/DCF, GPS, DVB-T, GSM, Tetra)
  • OEM military equipment.
Rodent 4 Antenna Platform

PPM Systems field deployable RF-over-fibre system and remote antenna optical platformThe Rodent 4 antenna platform provides a convenient way to deploy signals intelligence (SIGINT) antennas over hundreds of metres, allowing personnel to remain at a safe distance from the targeted zone.

Wideband RF over fibre links are employed to transmit RF signals from the remote antenna platform back to receiving equipment. This receiving equipment can be mounted in a vehicle or can be dismounted. The Rodent 4 is typically deployed to the target zone using a remote controlled vehicle (RCV) but can also be hand-carried.


Rodent 4 Datasheet
Tactical HQ Remote Antennas

In an application such as a Tactical HQ or Forward Operating Base (FOB), RF over fibre can be used to re-position communication antennas well outside the Tactical Area of Responsibility (TAOR).  This provides the following benefits:

  • Radio range improved from “hill top” located antenna
  • Removes “co-site” antenna interference
  • Electromagnetic stealth for HQ / FOB
  • Encrypted radio assets remain within the TAOR
  • Rapid field deployment
  • Urban and over-the-hill coverage from Aerostat or Helikite mounted antennas
  • Low signal loss, for operation from a few metres to 30km
  • Man-portable equipment available, small and lightweight.
Military Comms
  • RF system and Radio-over-Fibre design
  • Ruggedised equipment including optical cable and connectivity
  • Specialist antennas and probes
  • Electromagnetically shielded equipment
  • Urgent operational requirement (UOR) experience
  • Rapid prototyping and short run production
SIGINT RF over Fibre

ViaLite RF over fibre Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) links for Government use. The links’ spurious-free superior dynamic range allows small signals to be intercepted alongside large signals, as well as the interception of the entire frequency spectrum.


GPS/GNSS RF over Fibre

Network time servers require an accurate time signal, which is usually produced by GPS/GNSS.  Where a time server isn’t near a building roof or no copper is allowed into the building, RF over fibre is required for the GPS connection.



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