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Custom fibre optic and RF systems

Custom fibre optic and RF systems

Fibre for Military Operations

PPM Systems provides a rapid prototype, evaluation and short run production capability combined with a technical partnership with the customer – COTS, MOTS and fully custom solutions for military and defence customers.

Carrying RF signals over fibre has many advantages including:

  • Wide bandwidth
  • Path length to 30km
  • INFOSEC & Tempest compliant. (no emissions/immunity issues)
  • EMC & EMP resilient
  • Light-weight and man portable.

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Typical applications of RF over Fibre include VLF/HF through VHF/UHF to satellite band transmissions.  Radio-over-fibre range from PPM Systems is widely deployed in defence scenarios such as:


  • Surveillance & signal intelligence (SigInt)
  • Tactical radio links (VLF, HF, VHF, UHF, GSM, Tetra, P25)
  • IED detection & force protection
  • VSAT / satellite communications
  • Sonar & communication buoys
  • Secure network data centres (MSF/DCF, GPS, DVB-T, GSM, Tetra)
  • OEM military equipment.

Tactical HQ Remote Antennas

In an application such as a Tactical HQ or Forward Operating Base (FOB), RF over fibre can be used to re-position communication antennas well outside the Tactical Area of Responsibility (TAOR).  This provides the following benefits:


  • Radio range improved from “hill top” located antenna
  • Removes “co-site” antenna interference
  • Electromagnetic stealth for HQ / FOB
  • Encrypted radio assets remain within the TAOR
  • Rapid field deployment
  • Urban and over-the-hill coverage from Aerostat or Helikite mounted antennas
  • Low signal loss, for operation from a few metres to 30km
  • Man-portable equipment available, small and lightweight.

Military Comms

  • RF system and Radio-over-Fibre design
  • Ruggedised equipment including optical cable and connectivity
  • Specialist antennas and probes
  • Electromagnetically shielded equipment
  • Urgent operational requirement (UOR) experience
  • Rapid prototyping and short run production

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