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Flexible CEMA, C4 and ISR Solutions

Flexible CEMA, C4 and ISR Solutions

RF over fibre from PPM Systems is connecting the technology of today with the capabilities of tomorrow

Any Signal – Anywhere

All types, modulations and classifications of signal can be carried on a single, compact RF over fibre cable – saving you space and improving efficiency.

Fibre is impervious to interference from other electromagnetic signals and, as it can be part of a distributed network, you get flexible optical routing, distributed processing and antenna remoting.

Technology Agnostic Solution

RF over fibre solutions integrate with your existing hardware, so it’s your perfect first step into the open standards ecosystem.

Today’s radio solutions already have a standardised interface – the analogue output port. This means the technology agnostic RF over fibre integrates quickly and easily, as well as allowing you to integrate future technology and equipment from other suppliers at any point.

Simultaneously ready your systems for the future and ease your current Vehicle Integration Kit (VIK) challenges. Your route to the future starts with PPM Systems.

Applying Open Standards

Rapid global technological change and advancement is putting defence CEMA, C4 and ISR equipment programmes under intense pressure. Adapting quickly to the new technological developments is vital to maintain strong force protection.

PPM Systems is meeting these challenges with the development and application of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment, governed by a suite of open standards. The future is a cohesive and streamlined ecosystem, integrating equipment together to expand capability and advance force protection.

COTS Expertise

PPM Systems has a proven track record of using COTS and open standards alongside successful collaboration with third parties.

Working with CEMA, C4 and ISR system integrators, PPM is delivering future-proof solutions that can quickly and easily be upgraded throughout their service life, without replacing the whole system.

Find out more about the benefits of applying open standards.

Technical Expertise

The best of both worlds; expert knowledge and advice of a consultancy with the technical knowledge and results-driven application of a manufacturer.

System Design

PPM Systems understands the RF and optical domains inside and out, with system design experts to help you plan your optimal system.

Once optimised, you can accurately see the performance and functionality the system will deliver in the field, using an accurate simulation engine developed by PPM.

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In-the-Field Solutions

Optical Routing

For lossless optical routing in a COTS modular solution, fotonX replaces traditional RF matrix solutions with a distributed optical network of components; minimising loss, cross-talk, gain slope and latency. The solution is scalable after installation, offering flexibility in the RF Conditioning and Distribution (RCD) of a MORA communications system.

Signal Analysis

Crossbow from PPM Systems is a prominent example of how open standards will benefit real systems. In the early stages of the ecosystem, we blended COTS equipment from BAE Systems and Multiple Access Communications under the evolving open standards to create a software defined scanning and decoding system that gives actionable, real-time, mission critical data when you need it. This seamlessly integrated platform is evolving to keep pace with the future and demonstrating our history of driving the development of open standards.


MORA system diagram showing signal analysis and optical routing

Representation of a MORA RF over fibre system, showing PPM System’s Optical Routing and Signal Analysis systems

Collaboration is Strengthening FP ECM

Highly capable Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) are being developed through strong collaboration, delivering the future of Force Protection (FP). Collaboration naturally gives an even greater sharing of knowledge and expertise, benefiting the user.


  • Flexibility – connecting any signals from any system allows flexible and effective operation; opening up a wide variety of technologies for your applications. Easily use hardware from any supplier, minimise repetition, and maximise capability today and for the future!
  • Expertise – shared expertise leads to greater results. Under the open standards, strong collaboration will become normal practice. This gives you a higher tier of capability across your systems and the ability to upgrade quickly and easily at optimal cost.
  • Futureproofing – RF over fibre solutions easily integrate with both the hardware you have today and technology in the future ecosystem. This is only possible through strong collaboration, bringing together MOD and industry.
  • Integration – system integrators need the best technology available to users, backed up by expert support in operation. PPM Systems delivers this, with a proven history of strong collaboration and expertise in the field of optics.
System Integrator Ecosystem

Open standards are here – get ahead by speaking to the experts today.


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