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RF Amplifiers

PPM Systems offers a wide range of Corry Micronics power amplifiers and low-noise amplifiers with output in the hundreds of milliwatts. The amps can be used with basic CW signals or complex signals, like LTE or WCDMA.

Amplifiers can also be integrated with other components — including filters, diplexers, and switches — into a complete assembly or sub-assembly designed to the customer’s requirements.

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High Power RF Amplifiers

The High Power Amplifiers have an array of built-in safeguards including Automatic Level Control to regulate output power levels specifications.

High Power RF AmplifierProductCMIPA-806-1
DescriptionLTE Band Power Amplifier
Frequency Range791-821 MHz
High Power RF AmplifierProductCMIPA-942.5-1
DescriptionEGSM Band Power Amplifier
Frequency Range925-960 MHz


High Power RF Amplifiers
Communications High Power Amplifiers
The Communications High Power Amplifiers have a frequency range of 935-2170 MHz and a high gain. All of the amplifiers in the range include monitoring and control features.

Communications High Power RF Amplifier


Part Number*Signal TypeFrequency Min (GHZ)Frequency Max (GHZ)Nominal Output Power (W)Gain, Nominal (dB)
GSM 935-960-32GSM9359603233
GSM 1805-1880-32GSM180518803233
LTE 869-894-45LTE8698944551
LTE 1805-1880-45LTE180518804551
UMTS 935-960-45UMTS9359604544
UMTS 2110-2170-45UMTS211021704544

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Cellular Band High Power Amplifiers
The Cellular Band High Power Amplifiers feature:


  • Forward and reflected power metering
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Excessive power shutdown
  • Automatic gain control
  • Input overdrive protection.
Communications High Power RF Amplifier
Part Number*Freq Range (MHz)Power (W)Gain (dB)Noise Figure Max (dB)Operating VoltageModulation typeSize (inches)
CMIPA-G09P32935-96032332028 VDCGSM, PAR 0 dB5.9×3.2×0.75
CMIPA-G18P321805-188032332028 VDCGSM, PAR 0 dB5.9×3.2×0.75
CMIPA-L18P21785-1805225328 VDCLTE, PAR 8 dB4.3×2.6×0.65
CMIPA-L18P101805-18801050328 VDCLTE, PAR 8 dB6.3×4.3×0.73
CMIPA-L18P201805-18802050328 VDCLTE, PAR 8 dB6.3×4.3×0.73
CMIPA-L18P451805-188045511028 VDCLTE, PAR 9.8 dB9.1×3.1×0.75
CMIPA-L19P101880-19201050328 VDCLTE, PAR 8 dB6.3×3.9×0.73
CMIPA-L19P201880-19202050328 VDCLTE, PAR 8 dB6.3×4.3×0.73
CMIPA-L20P1C4LTE 3/38/39/4013628 VDCLTE5.1×4.3×0.63
CMIPA-L20P02C5LTE 1/3/38/39/4024328 VDCLTE6.6×7.9×0.73
CMIPA-L21P102110-21701050328 VDCLTE, PAR 8 dB6.3×4.3×0.73
CMIPA-L21P202110-21702050328 VDCLTE, PAR 8 dB6.3×4.3×0.73
CMIPA-L23P102300-24001050328 VDCLTE, PAR 8 dB6.3×3.9×0.73
CMIPA-L23P202300-24002050328 VDCLTE, PAR 8 dB6.3×4.3×0.73
CMIPA-L23P452300-24004551328 VDCLTE, PAR 9.8 dB9.1×3.9×0.75
CMIPA-L25P102570-26201050328 VDCLTE, PAR 8 dB6.3×3.9×0.73
CMIPA-L25P202570-26202050328 VDCLTE, PAR 8 dB6.3×4.3×0.73
CMIPA-U09P45935-96045442028 VDCUMTS, PAR 9.7 dB9.1×3.9×0.75
CMIPA-U21P452110-217045442128 VDCUMTS, PAR 9.7 dB9.1×3.9×0.75


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Low Noise Amplifiers
​The CMILNA-847-1747-S is a broadband low noise amplifier incorporating three independently amplified channels in a common housing. The unit has a wide operating voltage range and each channel can be independently bypassed via control signals on the Interface port.


Low Noise Amplifier Datasheet
Low Noise Amplifier

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