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Aerostat Antennas

Aerostat Antennas

Aerostat Antennas

Lightweight and rugged, the range of HTA-Aerostat antennas have been optimised for airborne use on weight-constrained aerostat platforms. The antennas are also broadband dipole which means that – unlike heavy monopole antennas designed for trucks and aeroplanes – no ground plane is necessary to deliver near-theoretical all-azimuth gain and low VSWR across the band.

These HTA-Aerostat antennas have been deployed in the U.S. Army’s Persistent Threat Detection System (PTDS) and Persistent Ground Surveillance System (PGSS) aerostat platforms.


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HTA-Aerostat Range

HTA-Aerostat-VULOS aerostat antennasProductHTA-Aerostat-VULOS
DescriptionCan be tied to aerostat (left pic) or hung from a mounting point (right pic). Rigid with integral tie/mounting points. TNC female connectors. White UV-resistant finish (other colors available). Click to expand image.
Frequency30-88 MHz low VHF + 225-450 MHz low UHF
DescriptionHang from confluence point using supplied cables, snap around tether during deployment.
Flexible with lengthwise slot to snap around tether. TNC female connectors. White UV-resistant fabric skin (other colors available).
Frequency30-88 MHz low VHF
HTA-Aerostat-UHF aerostat antennaProductHTA-Aerostat-UHF
DescriptionHang from any convenient tie point; rigid with integral aerostat tie point.
Lightweight closed-cell foam core, fiberglass skin. TNC female connector. White UV-resistant finish (other colors available).
Frequency225-450 MHz UHF
HTA-Aerostat-HiGainCellular (high gain cellular) aerostat antennaProductHTA-Aerostat-HiGainCellular
DescriptionMount to keel of aerostat.
One frequency band, two polarizations. Vertical (V-pol) and horizontal (H-pol) polarizations. Antenna mounts in supplied support truss. Self-stabilising in pitch and roll using integral INS and pitch/roll servos. Two TNC female connectors.
FrequencyGain and frequency band specified by customer (12 dBi x 700-800 MHz shown)
HTA-Aerostat-LBand aerostat antennaProductHTA-Aerostat-LBand
DescriptionMount vertically using integral handle (shown at right on optional support structure).
Rigid with tubular handle for mounting. Includes 8-ft LMR-240 cable terminated with TNC male connector. White UV-resistant finish (other colors available).
Frequency1200-2000 MHz L-Band

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