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Digital Signal Receivers

Digital Signal Receivers

RF Spectrum Receivers

PPM Systems offers the R4000 range of IZT Spectrum Receivers, which are desktop/19″ rack units, as well as the IZT R3410 and R3411 Ruggedised Monitoring Receivers. Direction finding equipment and MAC Spectrum Receivers for board-level integration into OEM equipment are also available.


Application Notes

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R5509 Radio Direction Finder

IZT R5509

The IZT R5509 is a highly accurate and reliable radio Direction Finding (DF) system designed for high resolution VHF direction estimation. It is intended to support the work of Air Traffic Control (ATC) operators by localising and identifying the transmitting aircraft. It can simultaneously process more than 35 channels and has a frequency range of 20-520 MHz.

The IZT R5509 is the ideal solution for ATC direction finding to improve situational awareness and reduce the risk of misunderstandings in radio transmissions. The technology avoids misreading of the aircraft’s call-sign and therefore improves the situational awareness of the ATC operators. This allows more flights per operator to be handled for cost efficient control of the airspace.

The DF system features 10 coherent receive channels and is equipped with a 9-element antenna array to realise accurate and robust direction estimation. The utilised DF antenna with 9 elements provides superior immunity to multipath propagation. An optional centre antenna element may be used for even better spatial resolution. Beyond outstanding radio frequency (RF) characteristics, the antenna is equipped with lightning protection and is verified to withstand wind speeds of 200 km/h even under icing conditions.


R5509 Datasheet
R5506 Mobile Sensor

IZT R5506

The mobile sensor IZT R5506 samples signals synchronously from all antenna elements in a specific frequency band, eliminating the need for additional RF switches. This feature secures short detection times and simultaneous monitoring of one or more channels with arbitrary centre frequencies and bandwidths. The high-performance sensor is suitable for outdoor installation.

A single hybrid cable delivers power to the mobile sensor and transmits the data to the shelter for post-processing. This makes the installation simple, as no losses in the antenna cables affect system performance and signal integrity is maintained over long distances. As a result, optimum dynamic range, sensitivity and direction finding (DF) accuracy with any given antenna array are obtained.

The sensor contains a maximum of six high-performance receivers up to 6 GHz. The preselector bands are matched to the frequency range of antenna elements to maximise overall system performance. One of the six channels can be factory configured with a separate local oscillator (LO) to work as an independent monitoring channel. The IZT R5506 features a high stability internal reference clock and an integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) module. All the sensor’s functions are remote controlled via the optical interface.


R5506 Datasheet

R5040 Rugged Wideband Receiver

IZT Rugged Wideband Receiver R5040

The R5040 is a wideband receiver with a frequency range up to 18 GHz, up to 120 MHz instantaneous bandwidth and powerful internal signal processing. Typical applications are COMINT systems, satellite monitoring, broadband RF recorders or quality measurements in mobile communication networks.

  • Six independent digital downconverters (DDCs)
  • Up to 64 narrow-band DDCs
  • Real-time spectrum calculation
  • Large internal buffer memory
  • Built in GNSS receiver for clock synchronisation
  • Selectable low noise preamplifier for maximum sensitivity

The IZT R5040 has a rugged, IP65 rated enclosure suitable for outdoor installation and harsh environments. Its enclosure can be adapted for free convection, forced air cooling or mounting on a cold plate, for example a liquid cooler.


R5040 Datasheet
R5020 HF Receiver

IZT R5020 HF Receiver

The R5020 is a broadband receiver with a patented preselector filter bank. It is designed to digitise the complete HF band from 9 kHz to 30 MHz. It can be used with the IZT Signal Suite software or with 3rd party software through a Software Development Kit (SDK). The R5020 covers the very low frequency end of the IZT receiver range for SIGINT and COMINT equipment.

  • Ultimate linearity and full HF-band coverage at the same time
  • Passive input channeliser minimises second order intermodulation
  • Twelve AD Converters

Key components of the R5020 are a multichannel digitiser from the R5000 receiver series and a very high-performance, analogue channeliser with overlapping bandpass filters.


R5020 Datasheet
R3410 Receiver and R3411 Recorder

IZT R3411 and R3410The IZT R3410 and R3411 Ruggedised Monitoring Receivers and RF Recorders combine a light weight of under 7 kg with a fan-less design suited for harsh environments while maintaining excellent RF performance.

  • Portable & rugged design for harsh environments
  • Excellent RF performance
  • 9 kHz to 18 GHz frequency range
  • 25 MHz real-time bandwidth
  • Many hours of continuous RF recording.

The IZT R3000 family is particularly suitable for signal search and analysis, spectrum monitoring in line with ITU recommendations, and communications/signals intelligence. They allow the user to analyse and demodulate modern digital wideband signals as well as to track or intercept frequency agile systems over a wide range of bandwidths.


R3410 and R3411 Datasheet
'Plug and play' units: R4000 range

The IZT R4000 delivers an immensely powerful digitiser, wideband receiver and signal collection system for COMINT/ and ELINT systems, wideband satellite surveillance and continuous broadband radio signal recording. It achieves an instantaneous bandwidth of 120 MHz and covers an impressive frequency range of up to 18 GHz.

The all-digital receiver boasts a very high dynamic range in high-bandwidth applications, and has the ability to store and analyse the huge amounts of data that come with this increased instantaneous bandwidth in a typical operating environment. It features a backend digital storage system and dedicated parallel signal analysis engines to support multiple users. Further, the R4000 includes highly-selective configurable signal pre-selectors to avoid signal overload problems, high-quality RF frontends and broadband digitisers.

  • Digitiser
  • Wideband Receiver and Recorder
  • Signal Collection System
  • Direction Finder
  • Real-Time Signal Analyzer
  • Spectrum Monitoring.

Choose from three IZT R4000 models to meet your signal intercept and monitoring requirements:

  1. IZT R4000-RF3
  2. IZT R4000-RF6 with a frequency range of up to 6 GHz; ideal for interferometric direction finding and radio monitoring
  3. IZT R4000-RF18 with a frequency range of up to 18 GHz.


R4000 Datasheet
Board-Level/OEM: MON4000

MON4000 – Dual-channel, Multi-band Down-converter

MAC MON4000 spectrum receiverThe MON4000 card is the latest software defined radio platform in the MAC MONITOR family. Primarily designed for off-air test applications in cellular radio bands, the MON4000 boasts two channels of RF-to-bits conversion for up to six distinct bands in the frequency range 400 MHz to 4000 MHz. Each receiver uses an IF sampling architecture to guarantee excellent dynamic range required for use in a multi-channel environment. Local processing is performed by a Xilinx Zynq 7020 FPGA and two gigabit Ethernet channels carry baseband samples to the host. With external support the MON4000 can also be used in phase-coherent applications.

Applications of the MON4000 card include cellular band test receivers, direction finding, beamforming systems, MIMO reception, multi-channel wideband receivers and unattended monitoring systems.


MON4000 Datasheet
Board-Level/OEM: CatchAll-M2

CatchAll-M2 Dual-channel multi-band receiver

The CatchAll-M2 is a dual-receiver, multi-band radio frequency front-end device (FED) designed for operation in the commonly used mobile radio frequency bands between 160 MHz and 4 GHz.

It is based on MAC’s MON4000 software-defined receiver card and – in addition to the six frequency bands supported by the MON4000 – the CatchAll-M2 adds support for 160-180 MHz VHF and 300-480 MHz UHF bands. The six bands provided by the MON4000 can be chosen at time of manufacture from a wide range of available bands. Please see the MON4000 datasheet for a list of available options.


CatchAll-M2 Datasheet

Also available in PPM Systems’ advanced signal processing range:

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