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Digital Signal Receivers

RF Spectrum Receivers

IZT digital receivers supplied by PPM Systems are a high performance wideband receiver system. State-of-the-art high frequency technologies combined with the latest developments in digital signal processing provide a comprehensive receiver platform.

With high dynamic range and bandwidth, the receivers can store and analyze the huge amounts of data that come with this increased instantaneous bandwidth in a typical operating environment.

Back-end digital storage

A back-end digital storage system and dedicated signal analysis engines support multiple users and provide a powerful and reliable system that can analyze multiple signals. This high-quality RF front-ends broadband digitizers. includes highly-selective configurable signal pre-selectors to avoid signal overload problems.

The R4000 range

Choose from three IZT R4000 models to meet your signal intercept and monitoring requirements: The R4000-RF3, R4000-RF6 and R4000-RF18 have frequency ranges of up to 3, 6 and 18 GHz respectively.

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