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Military Communication

Four ARA Military Communication antennasSingle and multi-band high-performance antennas are available for military communication (MILCOM). The antennas are designed with a low visual profile, high gain and excellent voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) for vehicular, airborn and dismount use.

Ultra-wideband antennas are available for multi-octave use – without compromise to the gain or VSWR. These antennas:

  • Can be tuned to any specific band or gain requirements
  • Are available as handheld/ manpack/ dismount
  • Have an accessory connector (accessories include: pistol grip, tripod, magnetic mount, GorillaPod)

Magnetic-mount and NATO-mount vehicular antennas are available, designed to specification.



Popular Products

 ProductStart FrequencyStop FrequencyGainDatasheet
ARA-1220ARA-12201200 MHz2000 MHz3 - 5.5 dBiARA-1220 datasheet
AS-3900-sqAS-3900/A30 MHz88 MHz-6 - 1 dBmpAS-3900/A datasheet
AS-3916-VRC-sqAS-3916/VRC30 MHz88 MHz-7 - 0 dBmpPlease contact us
ARA-3925ARA-392530 MHz
225 MHz
88 MHz
450 MHz
0 dBi
3.5 dBi
ARA-3925 datasheet
ARA‐2219C-sqARA-2219C225 MHz
1200 MHz
2000 MHz
450 MHz
0 -3 dBi
1 - 5.5 dBi
ARA-2219C datasheet
ARA-2245A-sqARA-2245A225 MHz450 MHz0 - 3.5 dBiARA-2245A datasheet
ARA-0332ARA-033230 MHz88 MHz3 dBiARA-0332 datasheet
ARA-243WARA-243W80 MHz512 MHz-1 dBiARA-243W datasheet
ARA-252ARA-252225 MHz2000 MHz+2 dBiARA-252 datasheet
ARA-320-sqARA-32030 MHz
1700 MHz
2500 MHz
512 MHz
-2 dBi
0 dBi
ARA-320 datasheet
VBC-560VBC-560500 MHz6000 MHz-1 - +3 dBiVBC-560 datasheet
VBC-822VBC-822800 MHz2500 MHz3 dBiPlease contact us
VBC-1758VBC-17581700 MHz6100 MHz2 dBiVBC-1758 datasheet

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